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1920 English Clocks & Gramophones Ltd


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Stock Code ECG1920

Company English Clocks & Gramophones Ltd, incorporated in 1920, and wound up in 1921.
Description Certificate no. 119  for two 1 shares. Black and white certificate with ornate left hand scrollwork and imprint of company seal.
Issued To Thomas William Fielding of 151 Markham Road, Bournemouth
Issue Date 23rd June 1920
Company Officers
 - Director  
 - Director  
G A Mitchell Secretary  
Size 29cm wide x 25cm high

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A perfect personalised gift for someone who:

  • works or worked in the manufacturing industry or
  • has the surname Fielding or Mitchell

English Clocks & Gramophones Ltd (extracts from the abridged prospectus dated 8th March 1920):

'This company has been formed for the purpose of carrying on the business of clock manufacture on a system of 'massed production'. With that business it will combine the manufacture of gramophones for which its wood-working factory and the greater part of its engineering plant will be suitable, and which can be carried on under substantially the same overhead charges.

For these purposes the Company has entered into an agreement to acquire from the Portholme Aircraft Company Ltd, which has recently been preparing to take up this branch of manufacture exclusively, its recently erected and equipped freehold factory at Huntingdon, known as the 'Precision Engineering Works' now in running order, and in course of being specialised for clock manufacture by mass production, together with the plant, machinery, tools, fittings and fixtures used in and in connection with the business and also the benefit of a contract dated 28th February 1920 made with the company by Messrs H Willliamson Ltd of 83 Farringdon Road EC1, the old established and well known watch and clock manufacturers to take their entire output of clocks up to 1,000,000 per annum for the first five years on highly favourable terms.

At the same time this Company will take over the business as a going concern, including stock in trade, plants, patents, trade mark and goodwill of the Bellaphone Company Ltd, now engaged in the manufacture and sale of the gramophone known as the 'Diaphone'

The manufacture of clocks by 'mass production' has hitherto been practically unknown outside Germany and America and in pre-war times this country drew its supplies mainly from those countries. It may be presumed that Germany is, for this time being, eliminated from this field and there is evidence that America is not as present in a position to supply this country's requirements. Further there is now a duty of 33.3 per cent upon clocks imported into this country. There is, therefore, a great opportunity to establish a lucrative industry which has hitherto been in foreign hands.

The company will commence business with the following advantages:

 1. A contract to take the Company's output of clocks, up to 1,000,000 per annum for the first five years.

 2. A new factory,  already partially equipped  for mass production of clocks, which will save at least six months work, and enable the Company to commence deliveries under the contract within the next few months.

 3. The benefit of arrangements made for the provision and installation of the plant required to complete the equipment of the factory.

 4. The existing import duty of 33.3 per cent upon imported clocks.

The Portholme Aircraft Company Ltd, was incorporated as a private Company in 1911 and has a capital of 60,000 of which 30,000 has been issued. The Company is on the list of Government Contractors, and during the war it was occupied in the production of armoured lorries, travelling cranes, motor pinnacles, seaplanes, aeroplanes and airship parts, manufacturing among other things, a large number of the celebrated Camel and Snipe aeroplanes.

War work, however, beginning to wind up early in 1919 the Company subsequently carried on the business of general engineers and woodworkers and recently as above stated its factory has been specially laid out for the mass production of clocks. The business which has been mainly conducted by Mr G F Joseph has been highly profitable throughout. Mr Joseph will act as Managing Director of the this company.

The directors of English Clocks & Gramophones would be:

Sir Clement Kinloch-Cooke. KBE, MP of 3 Mount Street, London, W1, Chairman

Henry Billinghurst of 18-22 Wigmore Street, London W1

William Edward Tucker of 81Farringodn Road, London EC1

Commander Oliver Locker-Lampson DSO, MP of 13 Park Mansions, London SW1

Thomas Edward Geoffrey Farrow of West Hill Lodge, St Leonards on Sea

George Frederick Joseph of 118 Victoria Street, London, SW1



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