Mail Order

If you prefer to use use our mail order service, please follow these instructions.
Display the order form from here. You can then click on the print button of your browser to print it out. Complete the form as follows:

1. Enter your name and address, or the shipping name and address, if different.

2. For each item you wish to purchase enter:

  • The item number, e.g. PRC01.
  • Whether you require it framed or unframed.
  • The certificate description, e.g. 1942 Pennsylvania Railroad Company
  • The price of the certificate

3. Calculate and enter the total shipping price. The shipping price for each item can be determined from the table below. Note that the framed shipping charge is for each certificate, the unframed shipping charge is for any number of certificates in the same order.

Shipping Charges

  Framed Certificates (Each) Unframed Certificates (Per Order)
U.K. 0.00 0.00
Europe 7.50 3.75
U.S.A. / Canada 10.00 5.00
Rest Of World 15.00 7.50

4. Enter the total order price, including shipping.

5. Post off to us at the following address, together with payment. Cheques should be made out to 'The Share Gallery'.


    The Share Gallery

    24 Hadrian Drive
    PE6 9PP
If you have any queries please contact us at



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