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Railroad Certificates

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  1846 Dublin, Belfast & Coleraine Junction Railway  

  1853 Jeffersonville Railroad Company  

  1871 Chicago & South Western Railroad  

  1880s International Railway Tie Co.  

  1880s Owensboro Falls Railroad  

  1880s Winona Service Company  

  1892 North American Company  

  1899 Imperial Railway Company Of Ethiopia  

  1900s Electric Supply Company Of Victoria  

  1900s Chicago,Rock Island & Pacific Ralway  

  1900s Indianapolis And Greenfield Rapid Transit Company  

  1905 White River Valley Railway Company  

  1907 Tramway & Chemin de Fer  

  1916 Mexico Tramways Company  

  1916 Groningsch-Drentsche Railway Company  

Become a stockholder in the following companies:  

    Burlington Northern  
    Union Pacific  


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Free Penn Central Company certificate here


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