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1865 Oriental Bank Corporation


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  Share certificate no. 53607, for 25. Dated 2nd May 1865, embossed seal, in the name of Mary Henderson, original signatures of chief manager Charles Stuart and Accountant, J. McNab.

Certificate size is 19 cm high x 22 cm wide (7.5" x 8.5").

We also have another certificate of this company in the name of Archibald Spens of the Bombay Civil Service. The unframed price of this item is 195.

A perfect personalised gift for someone who:

  • works or worked in the banking industry or
  • has the surname Henderson, Stuart, McNab or Spens

About The Company

Framed Certificate Price : 180.00

Certificate Only Price : 130.00


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About the Company
The company was established in 1842 in Bombay (India) under the name of Bank of Western India. After the headquarters were moved to London in 1845 the name was changed into "Oriental Bank Corporation". In the Royal Charter (1851) it was vaguely mentioned that the company  was allowed to operate everywhere east of Cape of Good Hope (South Africa) and therefore also in India. In fact, it was chartered mainly to allow competition with the East India Company monopoly which was unpopular in England at the time.  Of course, the East India Company  tried to oppose to this charter as they had cherished the monopoly on the trade and banking in India until then.
Expansion followed with branches opening in Chinese Treaty ports, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Mauritius and South Africa. The Bank held a dominant position in Eastern Banking for some years. In the 1860's the company had become a flourishing undertaking both in India and China. and it survived the financial crisis of 1865/6.
At the end of the 1870's it suffered much from the legendary coffee disease in Ceylon, which devastated the coffee plantations in that area, in which the company had invested so much. (this disaster in the coffee culture led to the beginning of the famous tea culture in Ceylon !).
Finally, in 1884 the bank ran into severe difficulties and had to be reconstituted as the New Oriental Bank Corporation. With the growth of other banks such as the Hong Kong and Shanghai and the Chartered Bank the new organisation was never succesful and it finally closed its doors in 1892.

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