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1919 Galang Besar Rubber Plantations Ltd


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Stock Code VM-GBR1919

  Share warrant to bearer for 25 shares of 2/- each, for this London-based company which owned rubber plantations in Sumatra. Engraving of labourers fetching rubber from the trees. Complete coupon sheet attached. The company was incorporated in 1910 to acquire the whole of the share capital of the Galang Exploitatie Maatschappij Naamlooze Vennootschap te Amsterdam, who were holders of a  title to all the land on the island of Galang Besar.

Certificate size is 34 cm high x 36 cm wide (14.5" x 15"). It will be mounted in a mahogany frame, with gold inlay, size 35 cm high x 45 cm wide.

A perfect personalised gift for someone who:

  • works or worked in the rubber industry

Framed Certificate Price : 170.00

Certificate Only Price : 100.00


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