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1905 Linotype Company Ltd.


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Stock Code LCL1905


Trust certificate no. 5810 showing that Ernest Caesar Hawkins, Esq, of 8 Finch Lane, London is interested to the extent of 6/1/11 in the 4.5% "A" Debenture Stock of Linotype and Machinery Ltd. This certificate was issued in relation to the liquidation of the Linotype Company and it's absorption into Linotype and Machinery Ltd. Pink and black certificate dated 1st May 1905,  showing the printed signature of C W Shortt, Assistant Secretary. Ernest Caesar Hawkins was declared a stock exchange defaulter this year.

The Linotype Company was founded in 1889 and established a factory in Altrincham, Cheshire in 1897.

Linotype and Machinery Company was the British arm of the Mergenthaler Linotype Company. Formed in 1890 in Altrincham they developed a hot metal library centring on revivals, newspaper faces and non-romans. In 1982 the company separated from Allied Linotype and became independent.

Certificate size is 20 cm high x 25 cm wide (8.5" x 10.5").

A perfect personalised gift for someone who:

  • works or worked in the printing industry or
  • has the surname Short or Hawkins

Framed Certificate Price : 70.00

Certificate Only Price : 25.00


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